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About the franchise on production oats kvass

Since ancient times people for a thirst satisfying prepared tinctures and kvass. Kvass is a traditional Slavic drink.
Igor Minaev.

Seldom has who reflected of what the drink with which it satisfies thirst consists. The large quantity of the drinks aerated, and is not aerated, color and transparent, sweet and insipid, synthetic and with addition of natural juice is offered to us. And not always we buying, expensive trend drink you receive a product useful to health.

So was and with me, to one case. In the summer of 2013 I travelled with the daughter and for a thirst satisfying bought for us drinks. But passed small time, and again it would be desirable to drink, drinks did not satisfy thirst, and some, left unpleasant taste in a mouth. And I have reflected what we drink and how do we scoff at the organism?

This case has pushed me on studying of natural drinks which were drunk by people before occurrence of synthetic products. It is studied a lot of literature on natural drinks. Since ancient times people for a thirst satisfying prepared tinctures and kvass. Kvass – a traditional Slavic drink.

But among kvass there is kvass to which any drink in the world cannot be compared. It is oats kvass. Having studied its useful qualities and a composition, in the spring of 2014 I have decided to begin its production.

We have organized small family business, and have started up in operation shop on production oats kvass capacity of 3200 liters a day. Offering people kvass, we received many remarks on taste and the most important thing, for the term of the use.

All 2014 year we have spent in experiments with a compounding and the kvass production technology. We have connected in drink useful properties of integral oats grain and natural honey. As a result "oats kvass" has been created ideal under the useful characteristics which perfectly satisfies thirst, has sweet-sour taste and he is pleasant for drinking.

Applying in a compounding natural honey, we have received the warranted term of realization this are five days, and is real, at observance of storage conditions our kvass edible for drink about fifteen days.

In February, 2015 my son Stanislaw Minaev, has registered specifications TU Y 11.0-33082600470-001:2014 «Kvass oats» in Ukraine.

We have developed a compounding of four kinds of not filtered kvass, have confirmed the technological instruction and have received the positive conclusions of all laboratories the sanitary-and-epidemiologic examination and certificates conformity in Ukraine.

Positive opinions have confirmed originality of the recipe of kvass. But, we received remarks on color. We have completely refused application of dyers, after all the main quality in taste and useful properties oats kvass. Oats kvass has milky-white color. Some consumers preferred to see brown kvass. In the spring of 2015 as confirmation correctness of ours decision, one of the companies in Ukraine on production of drinks, has issued kvass white, having approached it to natural drinks on color.

Here four trademarks of our kvass:

01 Kvass oats is named "House" is the not filtered and not clarified natural kvass received by natural fermentation of integral oats grain in a sugar syrup, prepared on the cleared and prepared water.

02 Kvass oats is named "Honey" not filtered – it is made on technology of kvass "House", natural fermentation of integral grain of oats in syrup on the basis natural flower honey. "Honey" kvass is our pride; it has the greatest success in consumers. It with pleasure is being drunk by children and women. It possesses unsurpassed useful qualities which are given by natural flower honey and integral grain of oats. This kvass surpasses in the qualities useful to health for man, any drink in the market, even our kvass "House".

03 It does not have a competition among drinks for a thirst satisfying. Kvass oats with name "Berry" It is a kvass on technology like "House" kvass with addition of berry syrups made with natural berries of a currant, strawberry, raspberry, cherry and other berries. We have developed "Berry" kvass for children who estimate kvass first of all to taste. Children with pleasure drink this kvass, and mums with pleasure buy it, understanding its extreme utility for health of their children.

04 Kvass oats is named "Dark". It is produced with addition natural rye kvass’ mashes. Kvass "Dark" is developed for the consumers preferring in a drink color. This kvass has amber color and all useful properties of kvass "House". It is necessary to notice that after receiving on market in 2015 of the white kvass which produced by the company in Ukraine, we have temporarily ceased kvass production "Dark".

In the summer of 2015 production oats kvass has surpassed all our expectations in volumes of realization and the income. Profitability (ROM) for six months has constituted 196 %. Thus it is necessary to note, at profitability calculation all costs, including considerable costs for the accelerated depreciation of the equipment, rent of premises, project development, reconstruction of production rooms, and also the increased cost of natural honey were considered.

Production oats kvass

This production is located in Ukraine in the city of Dneprodzerzhinsk, kvass oats in the cities of Kamenskoe (Dneprodzerzhinsk) and Dnepr is delivered. The daily volume of realization in 2015 has constituted 1800 liters. Time of natural fermentation no more than 24 hours. Ready kvass is cooled to 3оС and spreads in thermokegy. Kvass realization in thermokegy and cost including a cost of transportation limit region of realization in distance about 90 km.

It narrows a business dealing zone, but this circumstance and regulates a competition between manufacturers and wholesale consumers. I assure that in radius of 90 kilometers there will be enough consumers oats kvass. It from 300 to 900 thousand inhabitants, depending on region, is quite enough for business opening on production of our kvass.

Having begun kvass production, we have reached planned financial result; have formed round myself a team of honest-minded people. They are the active people aspiring quickly with the minimum investments and risk to earn money. During a season realization was produced through eighteen wholesale consumers.

Having acquainted each wholesale consumer with our production, we have given the chance to sell our kvass with confidence in quality and naturalness a product. As the manufacturer of kvass, we warrant to all wholesale consumers return of not implemented kvass without payment of its cost.

And it once again confirms our confidence of quality oats kvass.

Together with a retail trade network in streets, in booths of fast foods and in rest zones, our consumers become of cafe and restaurants which have included in the menu ours oats kvass. Visitors of cafe and restaurants prefer a healthy food and choose oats kvass.

We use for packing thermokegy and it gives priority in a competition to artificial drinks for which realization use electric freon cooling agents and cylinders with carbon dioxide. Kvass with success is implemented in rest zones, trade fairs and the markets.

Small, but important for image politicians of our company, a part are the companies which are carrying out corporate events on the nature. In thermokegy cool kvass remains throughout five days. Satisfied with quality and wholesale price, the companies order oats kvass in offices, and it is important for realization volume in a cold season.

We used an acting network firms on water treating. As a rule, such firms already have the cleared water, base of buyers, dispatching service and a delivery service. Having offered such companies oats the kvass which has been packed up in PET container; we have received a market on all year long. Purchase PET of container and expenses on shop heating, have increased production costs, but reducing of costs for transport and kvass cooling, have provided annual ROM 185 %.

Now we consider one more direction promotion of kvass is an installation the small installations for production oats kvass directly in firms on water cleaning.

Such co-production will allow us to increase profitableness for both companies.

The success realization was preceded by a two-year promotion company on city big boards, posters on shops and on FM radio «Russian radio» and «Hit Radio».

Together with it we have given to each wholesale consumer, in enough quantity color flyers with the description of kvass oats which is not filtered.

All our advertising is developed in one, already recognized by consumers, style with a commodity logo. The container has an original, recognized label and a sticker with instructions of all necessary for an information user. But the basic advertising is opinion of buyers. Many people come to purchase specially kvass after the recommendation of the neighbor or the acquaintance which has already felt wonderful properties of our kvass by him.

Having drunk once oats kvass, the sensible person will not drink any more a synthetic drink and it will not allow the children.

We have achieved our aim, have created wonderful kvass, and we offer you all our knowledge and the technological documentation for production of this wonderful drink in your region. Having put up small money, you in two months receive the income which will allow developing the small company. The quantity of the companies and productions depends on your region, and seasonal prevalence from your aspiration to develop.

Producing oats kvass, you can offer people a natural drink useful to health, at the good price, competitors on production at you will not be.

This one of our conditions of cooperation. The best offer for business production of natural drinks now is not present. It is a new product and we as authors of this drink; we suggest occupying a niche of the manufacturer oats kvass in your region.

If it information has been interested you, but there are some questions, contact us at once directly. Don’t plays for time, business do resolute, yes, business is always risk, but we have passed this way and we will not allow you to make a fatal mistake.

Production is very simple and not demanding considerable costs. The production flexibility allows reacting to expansion on market realization given goods very quickly.

Remember next, the other person from your region can consider this clause now and ready to begin production oats kvass. The person, who the first dared to begin this business, will be ahead. And if it is 90 kilometers from you – it is not necessary to begin the second.

You are expected only by success if there is a desire to develop!

Igor Minaev.


About me

  • I am an engineer Mr. Igor Minaev represent you soft drink «Kvass oats». Kvass oats and the technological instruction, on the basis of traditional old recipes are produced on TУ Y 11.0-3082600470-001:2014 «Kvass oats» (Ukraine). The rights to TУ Y 11.0-3082600470-001:2014 the technological instruction and an original compounding belong to me. Consumer qualities of kvass are confirmed by demand of buyers and conclusions SEI (sanitary-and-epidemiologic institution) in 2014. More...