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About technology

About the production technology

Each person knows that the own business gives financial independence and confidence of the future. It forces businessmen to search for the blank market niches, allowing implement the ideas. And the most important thing to receive after own idea to realize the planned income.
Минаев Игорь

As a rule, the problem of organization business is in a lack of the start capital necessary for going on a goods market. Here are again not only costs for acquisition of the equipment and premises, these costs are opened and their clear; they are always easy for counting. You, probably, many times saw the left shops, announcement for-sale business; it is result of rash business.

Many businessmen suffer crash at finishing of a product to consumer level, without having realized importance creation of sales channels for product, advertising, without having provided personnel training.

«Kvass oats» is not filtered –it is original, developed by our company, the product of natural fermentation. It is a new niche in the market of drinks which, during short time will be occupied by enterprising people.

The production technology of kvass offered by us is not power-hungry also does not demand considerable financial investments.

The production line is compact, and engineering procedure allows to be arranged under realization volume.

Grain ferment is prepared under the technological instruction once for six months. Grain preparation is obligatory, but does not demand the big costs.

Syrups prepare on TU Y 11.0-3082600470-001:2014 «Kvass oats» (Ukraine) for each lot on assortment of produced kvass.

Syrup is prepared solubilize in the cleared prepared water honey, sugar, a berry or rye concentrate as it should be specified by the technological instruction.

We warrant training of the production personnel at engineering procedure start, and in case of origin problems we do the effective help.

The production instructions will allow you to organize correctly processes of preparation production, the maintenance of room and the equipment according of sanitary requirements.

We will give recommendations about promotion «Kvass oats». Different sales channels are already worked. We will help to specify optimum for your region a realization method.

Depending on the chosen channel of realization, the process equipment chooses up, and the line is formed. Flexibility of engineering procedure allows producing from 100 liters to complete designed capacity which you put at business plan forming.

It is necessary to give special attention to preparation the rooms with all requirements to which are stated in requirements of public health service of your country.

Initial installation and processing line adjustment occupies about one month. Start of fermentation will demand 10 - 15 days, it is very important and responsible period which correct accomplishment influences quality oats kvass.

The greatest expenses will be demanded by cooling of ready kvass. The cooling agent choice needs to be produced well-founded proceeding from the maximum hour volume of packing and the realization channel. For example – on delivery packed up kvass on the house to an ultimate consumer, the cooling agent is not necessary.

  • Here is an example cost of a processing line with capacity to 1600 liters a day. Cost of the process equipment is 8000 Euros; from them 3900 Euros is cost of cooling agent productivity to 500 liters duration 1 hour.
  • The prices are resulted for the Ukrainian market.

Undoubtedly, TU Y 11.0-082600470-001:2014 «Kvass oats» It is necessary to re-register in the country of placing and realization of this soft drink, and it is our responsibility before you.

Acquiring production technology

You receive kvass oats not only a packet of documents allowing organizing production and as our services in planning of rooms, matching, acquisition and equipment arrangement.

We will give you the checked up reliable suppliers of raw, and it is very important for minimization of warehouse stocks.

High mobility allows you, during 1 day to disassemble the processing line, to remove, for example, in more perspective region, and to start production on a new place.

Certainly, it in the presence of a water source, the electric power and the sewerage.

Uniqueness of a product is simplicity of the production technology and high profitability which will allow you to return cost of the equipment and to get profit already during the first season.

About me

  • I am an engineer Mr. Igor Minaev represent you soft drink «Kvass oats». Kvass oats and the technological instruction, on the basis of traditional old recipes are produced on TУ Y 11.0-3082600470-001:2014 «Kvass oats» (Ukraine). The rights to TУ Y 11.0-3082600470-001:2014 the technological instruction and an original compounding belong to me. Consumer qualities of kvass are confirmed by demand of buyers and conclusions SEI (sanitary-and-epidemiologic institution) in 2014. More...