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Kvass oats

All recipes of our «Kvass oats» have original and simple technology for the preparation which use will give the chance for you to begin the business, and to thousand people to drink this excellent natural drink.
Minaev Igor

 In Internet many clauses about curative properties grain of oats, natural honey and about advantage oats kvass are written. There is no sense to repeat true the next time; advantage oats kvass is obvious and conclusive.

I will repeat the alternative on useful qualities for a human body of Oats kvass in the market of drinks is not present.

           Useful qualities grain of oats both natural honey, and their preserving in a drink, we put a task at development of kvass and low-temperature technologies of its production.

We represent assortment of natural soft drinks on are worked out by us:

Kvass oatmeal - a useful product for health! Oat

Kvass oats "House".

         For preparation kvass with name "House" we use ferment from integral grains of oats. Fermentation process goes constantly in sugar syrup, grain gives to a drink a large quantity of biologically active microcells, proteins, fats and the vitamins necessary for a human body.

The Color of kvass - milky-white.

      Whole grain of oats – is very valuable supplier of energy in an organism and a concentrate of natural energy.

       Using oats kvass the person receives group vitamins B, РР which is helping to remove stress, irritation and tiredness. A considerable quantity of vitamins, and especially vitamin C, are very useful to an organism in the spring time at an avitaminosis.

       Active amino acids and carbohydrates are quickly acquired and promote a fast satisfying of thirst (actually for this purpose we take drinks), they are capable to charge the person natural energy, despite low caloric content of a drink (20-32 kcal/100gr.). This result is from the fact that oats   kvass strengthens oxidation of fats. Also oats kvass promotes growing thin to what girls eternally aspire.

Kvass oats helps to make lower sugar level in blood at diabetics. The special advantage is represented by the protein contained in oats. It helps fabrics to be recovered faster. Cellulose reduces cholesterol level, normalizing work of our cardiovascular system. Therefore oats kvass is recommended to use daily for vitality increase.

And at a diet of the child necessarily there should be products from oats.

Magnificent flavoring qualities of kvass oats «House" find use not only for drink, it with success use for preparation of summer dishes.

Kvass oats   "Honey".

       The advantage to a human body which is pledged in kvass "Honey" cannot be overestimated. We have not found to it analogue, in the world market there are no drinks, it is more useful to a human body.

       Kvass oats   "Honey" has connected all valuable qualities of whole grain of oats and natural honey composition. Constant natural fermentation of grain ferment is going in syrup from natural honey. We use flower honey.

Color of kvass is amber - turbid.

      Low-temperature technology used by us has allowed keeping biologically active substances grain of oats and natural honey in oats kvass with name is "Honey".

For this reason kvass charges human body energy. Oats kvass invigorates an organism and with success will replace to you morning coffee. This natural drink not only satisfies thirst, but also stabilizes liver functioning. Kvass has a rich microelement composition: zinc, copper, iron, iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium which it has received from natural honey.

It positively influences physiological and biochemical processes in a human body. 

Iron is a part some hemoglobin, and actively participates in oxidation-reduction processes in cages and tissues, and copper presence raises blood-making iron function.

Manganese and zinc participate in processes blood-making, influence a metabolism, and promote growth and development. Zinc increases duration of action of insulin and improves sight.

Also, kvass clears an organism. With its help it is possible to clean an organism from harmful substances, to remove toxins and slags.

       Natural honey adds in oats   kvass "Honey" organic acids and their salts, nitrogenous connections (amino acids, amides, amine), vitamins: В1, В2, В3, В5, В6, Е, K, C and carotene (provitamin A), natural enzymes. Thanks to such composition kvass oats   "Honey" raises immunity, doing a human body steady against infections.

Regular acceptance of kvass oats «Honey" promotes acceleration of regeneration of fabrics, strenghtens bones, nails, teeth and hair. It is useful to feeding mums.

     Kvass "Honey" has pleasant sweet-sour taste, moderately sharp, with aroma of cereals and natural flower honey.

Kvass oats   "Berry".

      Has all specified above quality oats kvass "House".

       It improves exchange processes, well influences intestines micro flora.

It perfectly satisfies thirst, excellent means at an avitaminosis due to the maintenance of a considerable quantity of vitamins and amino acids.

Color of kvass "Berry" - light pink also depends on a concentrate of natural berry syrup.                                             

Into a composition of oats kvass include natural kvass’ yeast which promotes treatment of an atrophy of an optic nerve, infringement function of a pancreas, an osteomyelitis and other diseases. It is very useful to small children, natural microcells and vitamins are necessary for high-grade and which healthy development.

In овсяном kvass "Berry" all microcells and vitamins are in a natural condition and are easily acquired by an organism.

Thanks to a natural berry syrup kvass "Berry" has magnificent taste with aroma of cereals and berries is a nutritious and healthy drink.

Kvass oats "Dark".

     It differs from the others oats kvass produced according is amber color.

This color turns out after addition in sugar syrup the natural rye -malt extract.

The advantage of kvass in its rich vitamins-mineral composition and in capability quickly to recover water-salt balance and to keep in organism moisture.

Kvass oats   "Dark" is not only a drink which well satisfies thirst, but also a curative drink that it is impossible to tell about the color aerated drinks from shops.

     The taste of kvass "Dark" - sweet sour with aroma of rye bread.

     The color of kvass is amber.

     Each of presented oats kvass is natural, possesses qualities useful to the person, and oats   "Honey" it is possible to name kvass curative.

Thus the cost value of their production small, technology does not demand the big costs of energy, and profitability high.

We since 2014 produce «Kvass oats» and people have already estimated this fine drink. Each person chooses a healthy food if it is possible what to choose.

Having begun production oats kvass, you will allow to people to make a correct choice at purchasing of drinks.

About me

  • I am an engineer Mr. Igor Minaev represent you soft drink «Kvass oats». Kvass oats and the technological instruction, on the basis of traditional old recipes are produced on TУ Y 11.0-3082600470-001:2014 «Kvass oats» (Ukraine). The rights to TУ Y 11.0-3082600470-001:2014 the technological instruction and an original compounding belong to me. Consumer qualities of kvass are confirmed by demand of buyers and conclusions SEI (sanitary-and-epidemiologic institution) in 2014. More...