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About economy

As it was specified earlier, the production technology of Oats kvass according to TU U 11.0-3082600470-001:2014 low-temperature and does not demand the big power costs.
Минаев Игорь

Costs for power resources consist of expenses the electric power on an equipment drive, illumination, ventilation and heating of rooms if to work all year.

Composition of a processing line for production oats kvass:

  1. Reservoirs for fermentation of grain ferment – 2 pieces. = €250.
  2. Reservoir for kvass sediment – 1 piece. = €125.
  3. Reservoir for ready kvass – 1 piece. = €100.
  4. The pump for transfer – 1 piece. = €280.
  5. Cooling agent for kvass – 1 piece. = €3900.
  6. Installation for a container sink – 1 piece. = €1450.
  7. The compressor – 1 piece. = €180.
  8. Installation for water treating – 1 piece. = €310.

All cost of the equipment nearby €8000.

Working machine capacity to 5 kilowatt, process of transfer and kvass packing take about 3 hours. Illumination and ventilation to a 1Kvat/hour.

At cost of the electric power for business 0,0768 €/ Kvat, costs for the electric power will be €1,84 1 day.

For grain ferment it is required to acquire integral grain of oats. For preparation and grain clearing it is spent from 0,3 to 0,5м3 the cleared potable water.

For 100 liters of kvass necessary about 7 kg of grain, cost of grain of 0,34 €/kg.

To preparation syrups apply:

    - Natural honey, to 2,0кг/100 liters.

    - Sugar, to 4,0кг/100 liters.

    - A natural berry syrup, to 2 %.

    - A barley-rye concentrates, to 2 %.

The total cost of raw on 100 liters of kvass constitutes €3,85.

The expense of potable water on a container sink, kvass preparation, sink of the equipment and premises, at production of 100 liters will be 0,15м3. Cost of water taking into account tap in the sewerage 0,45€/m3.

For example, we will make calculation of costs for a processing line productivity of 1600 liters a day for a month:


   - The electric power = €48,84.

   - Grain = €0,31.

   - Raw and water = €1700.

   - The salary of the worker = €160.

   - Cost of transportation = €325.

Total expenses for a month = €2234,15.


   - For income calculation we take wholesale price on oats kvass in 2015. = 0,35 €/liter.

   - Daily realization 1600 l. х €0,35 = €560.

   - Monthly realization 26 days х €560. = €14560.

Certainly it is perfect conditions, but even at realization of 800 liters, and it quite really to reach in two months of work; it is warranted you will with profit already in the first season.

The important question of container, kvass realization through rol-bars and trays is produced in thermokegy. Cost thermokegy high quality, a reservoir of 20 liters = €53. Realization of 800 liters of kvass needs 80 thermokegy and it €4240.

The prices are resulted for the Ukrainian market, but you can easily count this sum at the pean prices.

Picking and productivity of a processing line in each case is individual, but the resulted example shows, what possibilities of your business open at realization of this project.

You receive the good income, having made small investments, even at seasonal production for five months. We will help you to construct sales channels for kvass realization all year round.

About me

  • I am an engineer Mr. Igor Minaev represent you soft drink «Kvass oats». Kvass oats and the technological instruction, on the basis of traditional old recipes are produced on TУ Y 11.0-3082600470-001:2014 «Kvass oats» (Ukraine). The rights to TУ Y 11.0-3082600470-001:2014 the technological instruction and an original compounding belong to me. Consumer qualities of kvass are confirmed by demand of buyers and conclusions SEI (sanitary-and-epidemiologic institution) in 2014. More...