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Where we can buy highly profitable business

Business creation is always connected with risks to lose the put up money. Each person who has stepped on the way of businessman should count all risks and soberly weigh his possibilities. If the businessman estimates his possibilities completely enough so the risks are not possible to consider as a rule and it leads to business crash.

We offer you the ready business checked up by time it is the soft drink production «Kvass oat». The novelty of this drink will allow you to achieve with the minimum risks the success and already during the first season. Having begun with development of specifications, in three years of successful work, we have the right to warrant protection to you from error during construction of this business.

Buy highly profitable business Buy full ready business

Production very simple and does not demand considerable costs. Flexibility of production allows reacting for expansion the realization of kvass very quickly. You receive an exclusive right to business on kvass production in your region.

Uniqueness of production consists that grain ferment works all season, costs only for acquisition honey and sugar. From experience in Ukraine, in 2015; the cost price was 0,056 euro per liter, wholesale price = 0,35 euro, and retail price was 0,70 euro.

It’s highly profitable ready business. Following the results of 2015 actual profitability (ROM) has constituted 196 % - the ideal offer for small and average business.

Having concluded the agreement on a right for exploitation of Specifications and technological instructions, you receive also production instructions necessary for the work permit and start of own production.

The entrance fee is the sum 1200 euro, which is paid once at the moment of signing the agreement for commercial concession.

   The award is paid two times a year, till July, 30th and till September, 30th. The amount of premium depends from volume output «Kvass oat» on the installed equipment. The size of the award constitutes 0,035 euro for 1 liter the produced drink.

    Together with acquisition of business you receive consultation for configuration the technological line. It will reduce further costs for servicing.

   The help is very important for matching and acquisition of the equipment for production. The equipment Cost for production to 1600 liters a day – is about 8000 euro, including refrigerating machinery will constitute 50 % from a total cost. You should be confident correctness of an investment your money.

If you decide to purchase ready business can be assured that receive all necessary assistance in all questions. It is not limited by the questions of technological process. We will help you to choose up industrial premises and to develop the site project on production Oat’s kvass.

 Having a wide experience, we will cut down expenses and your time for the organization this business and reception permission to the work beginning.

   Successful development of your business very important for our cooperation. The help in construction strategy of realization, expansion the production and region for sale this kvass will be directed on increase in profitableness your business.

 It is a new product and we are the authors suggest you to purchase ready business on a turn-key basis and occupy a niche of the manufacturer this "Oat’s Kvass" in your region. The best offer on business sale in the market of production the natural drinks while is not present.

   If this offer is interested for you, but there are questions, contact us at once. Do not pull the time; business is done by the resolute people.

    Other person can consider this article now, and he is ready to put up money in the business, who dare first himself to begin this business always be ahead. And if it is 90 kilometers from you - it is not necessary to begin the second.

About me

  • I am an engineer Mr. Igor Minaev represent you soft drink «Kvass oats». Kvass oats and the technological instruction, on the basis of traditional old recipes are produced on TУ Y 11.0-3082600470-001:2014 «Kvass oats» (Ukraine). The rights to TУ Y 11.0-3082600470-001:2014 the technological instruction and an original compounding belong to me. Consumer qualities of kvass are confirmed by demand of buyers and conclusions SEI (sanitary-and-epidemiologic institution) in 2014. More...